Nebraska Conservation and Environmental Review Tool

Welcome to the Nebraska Conservation and Environmental Review Tool (CERT) – an interactive tool for conservation planning and NGPC environmental review.  The CERT provides conservation information on biological diversity, protected lands, and other natural resources for planning purposes and allows users to submit proposed projects for review of potential impacts to threatened, endangered, and special concern species.

Conservation Planning:  The CERT allows users to access conservation information without needing to register and login.  Users can query data layers and download tables with query information.  Users can also make and download maps using the existing data layers or in combination with layers they upload.  To use the CERT for conservation planning, click the Map tab above.  For information on querying data layers or making maps, click the Help tab. In addition, users can register, log in, and use the 'Create Project' function to receive a Conservation Planning Report detailing features in the vicinity of their project.

NGPC Environmental Review:  To be able to submit proposed projects for technical assistance or environmental review, users are required to register and login.  To register, click on Create New Account.  After logging in, users will be able to use the 'Create Project' function to create and submit a project for review.  To get started, click the Help tab and read the 'Creating and Submitting a Project for Review' document.  The review will evaluate the project’s location and activities for potential impacts to state and federally listed threatened and endangered species as well as other at-risk species. 

For the Nebraska Conservation and Environmental Review Tool to properly work, please:

  • Clear your browser's cache by hitting CTRL-SHIFT-DELETE before each use
  • Use the latest version of your internet browsers when available.

Background photo: Sandhills alkaline lake in Garden County, Nebraska. Photo by Gerry Steinauer.